When you visit Abingdon Bible Church, you'll notice that the teaching and preaching of the Bible is at the center of our gatherings. While there are many other important things going on in our ministries, none are more important than that. That is because our mission is "to be a world-conscious, Bible-teaching church that leads the Abingdon community into a growing relationship with Jesus."

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1) Gospel Emphasis: We believe that the good news (Christ's substitute death for our sins to satisfy the penalty of God's wrath against us) is not just for the lost, but for Christians.  The gospel is our constant theme. We need to hear it often as it constantly resets our values against the flow of the culture around us.

2) Theologically Conservative: The term conservative means different things in different contexts. Theologically conservative means that we take the Bible to mean what it most  plainly seems that the original author intended to say. God is not an incompetent  communicator. For example, miracles in the Bible are real, actual miracles. This approach to scripture comes from a belief that the Bible is God's breathed out, inerrant Word. For more on Bible interpretation, go here. For more on our doctrinal positions, go here.

3) The Main Idea: Someone once said, "the main idea is to keep the main idea the main idea." ABC is centered on the importance of the Christian gospel. Therefore, the further away from gospel-affecting doctrines that an issue gets, the less significance it will be given. For example, having the room lighter or darker during the corporate singing is less important to us than debating if Jesus was literally virgin born. We strive to pleasantly agree to disagree on issues of preference, to teach towards unity with patience and understanding on issues of secondary importance, and to stand with unwavering  confidence on issues of gospel-level importance. We believe that if smaller issues are  given gospel-level importance, it actually dilutes the significance of the gospel itself.

4) Ministry Tone: Scripture describes local churches as families who ought to care for one another in selfless love, supplying each other's needs and looking out for one another.  We are described elsewhere as a body whose various limbs and parts are joined  together for each other's mutual benefit, all being sustained and directed by our head, Jesus Christ. Here at ABC, we strive to create this familial atmosphere of love. No church is perfect. But with Christ as our model, this atmosphere of relationships is our goal.


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